Miami Airport Train

Train Rides and Connections from and to Miami International Airport

Trains from and to Miami Airport

Miami Airport is efficiently linked to Miami and its surrounding areas via the Metrorail and the Tri-Rail. Even though MIA doesn’t house an inside-the-airport railway station, it is adequately connected to Miami Central Station (MCS), the most important hub of the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) plan for absolutely sufficient connections between all transportation modes. Hence, Miami airport train transfers are listed among the top choices for MIA passengers looking for a fast and affordable transportation option.

Miami Airport Metrorail

The Orange Metrorail Line departs from Miami Central Station, heading to Allapattah, Santa Clara, the Historic Overtown, and the Government Center, as well as to Brickell, University, and South Miami. Travelers wishing to reach Brownsville, Hialeah, or the Palmetto area have to change to the Green Line at the Earlington Height Station (the first stop after Miami International Airport). Hence, the Orange Line is the ideal option to get from Miami Airport to downtown and visit most of the city’s attractions, whereas the Green Line offers connections to the North part of Miami.

Our Tip: During Metrorail transfers, passengers can use the Metrorail Wi-Fi network for free.

The Schedule of Miami Airport Metrorail

Both Metrorail Lines run from 05:00 am to midnight, during the weekdays and on weekends. However, their frequency varies depending on the day of the week. Thus, both the Orange and the Green Lines have available routes every 10-15 minutes on weekdays (every 30 minutes from 08:00 pm to 00:00 am). However, on Saturdays and Sundays, while the Green Line operates on a 30-minute basis, the Orange one has a 15-minute frequency. Still, you should take into account that on weekends, the Orange Line offers only airport shuttle rides from Miami Intermodal Center to Earlington Heights Station and back.

Miami Airport Tri-Rail

Tri-Rail is the commuter train linking MIA Airport to 3 counties: Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. Thus, it is also the train connecting the two main Miami Airports: Miami International Airport and Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Miami Airport Tri-Rail leaves from Miami Central Station as well.

The Schedule of Miami Airport Tri-Rail

Miami Airport Tri-Rail runs from 4:15 am to 09:40 pm during the week, while its frequency varies from 20-30 minutes during rush hours to 40-60 minutes at other times of the day. On the other hand, during weekends, its itinerary differs. Hence, Miami Airport Tri-Rail first leaves the airport at 5:17 am and runs until 09:42 pm. Nevertheless, its routes are hourly. 

Where is the Railway Station at Miami Airport?

Miami Airport doesn’t have a train station inside its premises. However, Miami Central Station is located only 1 mile (1.6km) from MIA terminals. The airport’s automated people mover – MIA Mover- handles transfers from and to the railway station. Running 24/7, MIA Mover is free of charge and needs only 4 minutes to get from Miami Airport to Miami Central Station. Thus, passengers wishing to head to the nearby train station have to reach the third level of MIA terminals between the Flamingo and Dolphin Garages and take MIA Mover from the MIA Mover Station.

Miami Airport Train Ticket Fares and Prices

A one-way Metrorail ticket costs 2.25$/2.10€, while the discount price (for seniors, persons with disabilities, etc.) is 1.10$/1€. You have three options to pay your Metrorail fare:

  • to reach the fare gate and opt for contactless payment
  • to buy an EASY Card or an EASY Ticket
  • to use the Go Miami-Dade Transit app

Please note that payments in cash aren’t accepted at the fare gates.

On the other hand, Miami Airport Tri-Rail tickets vary depending on the day of the week and the departure and destination points. Verily, the Tri-Rail network is divided into 6 zones. Hence, Tri-Rail tickets depend on the number of traversed zones.  In detail:

Number of ZonesOne-Way TicketRound-Trip

Tickets are available via an EASY Card or from the ticket kiosks and the vending machines lying inside the Miami Central Station. Still, you should keep in mind that ticket offices are closed on weekends and during holidays. Payments in vending machines can be made both in cash and via bank cards. Tickets can’t be bought onboard.

Our Tip 1: EASY Cards must be validated before entering the train.

Our Tip 2: On weekends and during public holidays, Tri-Rail offers discounted tickets. Thus, a daily pass costs as much as 5$/4.67€.

Our Tip 3: Children between 5 and 12 years of age, seniors and persons with special needs are entitled to reduced fares.

EASY Cards and EASY Tickets

EASY cards are rechargeable cards, valid for Metrorail, Metrobus, and Tri-Rail transfers. An EASY Card has a 20-year expiration date and costs 2$/1.87€. EASY Cards can be purchased online or via the station’s vending machines and ticket offices. Cash can be used only for payments to automatic vendors.

Conversely, EASY Tickets are complimentary and valid for 60 days. What’s more, they can be loaded with a 1-day pass, 7-day pass, or an up to 40$/37€ amount of money. 

If you decide on contactless payments for your train tickets or on using an EASY Card or an EASY Ticket, you should be aware that you’ll be entitled to free transfers between transportation modes. Thus, you can hop from Metrorail to Metrobus or Metromover without any extra charge. Nevertheless, the use of Metrorail and Express Buses requires an 0.95$/0.89€ extra fee, while the combination of Metrorail and Tri-Rail transfers brings upon a 1.20$/1.12€ surcharge. On the other hand, if you choose to pay in cash, you’ll be charged the full ticket fare.


How do I get from Miami Airport to the train station?

Miami Central Station (part of Miami Intermodal Center planning) is 1 mile (1.6km) away from Miami Airport. Thus, passengers landing at MIA have to reach the MIA Mover Station, on the third terminal level between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages and enjoy the 4-minute MIA Mover ride to the railway station.

Does Tri-Rail go directly into Miami Airport?

Tri-Rail calls at Miami Central Station, lying a 4-minute ride with the free automated MIA Mover from the airport terminals. Thus, MIA passengers can use the Tri-Rail services for their transfers from and to the airport.