How to Get from Miami Airport to South Beach

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Transit Options from Miami Airport to South Beach

The famous and cosmopolitan South Beach lies only 12.5 miles (20km) from Miami International Airport. The ultimate city’s hotspot can be accessed from the main airport in Miami via an airport taxi or a quality Miami airport transfer. On the other hand, Miami airport car rentals are the ideal option for independent rides from Miami Airport to South Beach, while the Miami Beach Airport Express, the airport-to-the-beach bus line, is definitely the most affordable way to reach your destination. Thus, are you heading to the South Beach area? Do you want to travel from Miami Airport to Ocean Drive? Check all the available options!


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi403725 min
Bus2.252.1045-50 min

Miami Airport to South Beach by Taxi

A Miami airport taxi is the all-time classic option for travelers opting for a comfortable ride from Miami Airport to South Beach. The airport’s taxi ranks -where the yellow taxis are patiently lining up around the clock- are located outside the exit doors of the Arrivals floor. Even though avoiding taking an unofficial taxi vehicle should be one of your top priorities, you can without any second thought take one of the black vehicles lying around, as they are official cabs as well, belonging to smaller taxi companies. Overall, catching a Miami airport taxi is a rather fast and hassle-free process, even during peak hours, when waiting in line for a taxi is highly probable.

Miami airport taxis are metered, charging based on their taximeter’s indication. Thus, their fares depend highly on the traffic levels. In any case, the usual charge for the taxi ride from Miami Airport to South Beach is 40$/37€, including the airport fee. Fortunately, luggage, animals, wheelchairs, and children’s seats don’t further raise the price. On the other hand, a 15%-20% tip for adequate services is a common practice. Miami taxi drivers should accept payments in cash and via bank cards. Still, if you want to pay by card, it is advisable to check with your driver before beginning your journey.

The journey time to South Beach is 25 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Is your destination located in the Ocean Drive area? The trip from Miami Airport to Ocean Drive has approximately the same duration.

Our Tip 1: Some Miami taxi drivers may not speak English fluently, while many of them are Spanish-speaker as well.

Our Tip 2: If you prefer a ride-sharing service, you’ll find plenty of providers operating at Miami International Airport.

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Miami Airport to South Beach by Bus

If you are up for a bus journey from Miami International Airport to South Beach, you’ll have to reach the MIA Mover Station, lying on the airport’s third floor between the Flamingo and Dolphin Garages. The automated people mover (MIA Mover) will take you to Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) in just 4 minutes without extra charge. Running around the clock with 4-minute intervals, it provides more than efficient services to MIA passengers wishing to get to MIC and have access to the affordable Metrobus routes.

Once arriving at Miami Intermodal Center, you can take the value-for-money Metrobus Route 150 (Miami Beach Airport Express), linking the main airport in Miami to the South Beach area. Miami Beach Airport Express makes limited stops on its way. Therefore, the ride from Miami Airport to South Beach lasts around 45-50 minutes (including the MIA Mover journey as well). Washington Av & 13 St should be your disembarking stop. Metrobus 150 runs from 06:00 am to 11:40 pm on a 20-30-minute frequency. 

The tickets for Miami Beach Airport Express are priced at 2.25$/2.10€, while passengers entitled to a discount (children, seniors, etc.) pay 1.10$/1€. The purchase of tickets is available inside the bus (in cash or via card), through Go Miami-Dade Transit App, or with an EASY Ticket or EASY Card.

The EASY Card is a rechargeable card that can be used for Metrobus, Metrorail, and Tri-Rail rides for an up-to-20-year period of time. EASY Cards cost 2$/1.87€ and can be bought by the station’s ticket offices and vending machines. Alternatively, EASY Tickers are free and can be used for 60 days. You can load them with a 1-day pass, a 7-day pass, or up to 40$/37€. Either way, contactless payments and EASY Cards and Tickets allow free change of lines between Metrobus Routes and Metrorail. However, please keep in mind that the change between bus lines should take place within a 3-hour time and that for express buses (such as Metrobus 150) an additional 0.95$/0.89€ fee is required. 

Our Tip 1: A bus ride from Miami Airport to Ocean Drive lasts around 52 minutes (the destination stop is Washington Av & South Pointe Dr).

Our Tip 2: The Metrobus vehicles are comfortable and offer free Wi-Fi.

Car Rental from Miami Airport to South Beach

Miami airport car rentals are ideal for travelers wishing to explore the glamorous South Beach area in their own rhythm. The wide variety of car rental agencies present at Miami International Airport guarantees a similarly broad range of available vehicle types and results in competitive prices. Thus, finding the best deal for the top Miami car rental is only a matter of searching and comparing the options. Early bookings, on the other hand, almost always lead to better offers.

You can expect a 25-minute ride from the airport to South Beach under normal traffic levels. The duration of the ride from Miami Airport to Ocean Drive is almost the same. Once reaching your destination, you’ll have to park your vehicle. Please remember that free parking in South Beach is almost impossible, while Miami car parks are usually expensive. Conversely, public parking lots and street parking is somewhat more affordable. Anyhow, if your hotel doesn’t offer parking services, it is recommended to book your parking spot in advance. 

Private Airport Transfers from Miami Airport to South Beach

If you want to travel from Miami International Airport to South Beach in style, a Miami airport transfer should be among your first (if not the only) choices. Booking a Miami airport transfer comes with many advantages. Not only will you have your driver waiting for you -ready to assist you with your luggage- and the vehicle of your choice parked just outside MIA terminals, but the area-knowledgeable driver will give you all the insight tips to make your stay in South Beach unforgettable.


How do I get from Miami Airport to South Beach?

The transit options from Miami Airport to South Beach are various. From ordinary airport taxis and handy car rentals to luxurious Miami airport transfers, travelers seeking convenient or independent rides will almost effortlessly find the alternative that suits their needs and preferences. On the other hand, passengers on a tight budget can always opt for the cheap and efficient Miami Beach Airport Express Bus. 

What is the cheapest transportation option from Miami Airport to South Beach?

Miami Beach Airport Express Bus is definitely the cheapest way to head from Miami Airport to South Beach. With a 2.25$/2.10€ ticket, the Metrobus Route 150 reaches South Beach in 45-50 minutes. 

How much is a taxi from Miami Airport to South Beach?

The average price for a taxi ride from Miami International Airport to South Beach is 40$/37€. Payments are accepted in bank cards and cash. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check if the taxi vehicle is equipped with a POS before starting your ride.