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Useful Info and Guidelines about Taxis in Miami

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Taxis in Miami: Overview

A Miami taxi is one of the most convenient ways to travel around Miami and its surrounding areas. Plenty of taxi companies offer their services in Miami, providing safe and quality rides. Hence, finding a cab for your transfer around the second more peopled city in Florida isn’t a hard task. Overall, taxis in Miami are yellow. Nevertheless, you’ll spot some black cabs as well. Those are vehicles belonging to the fleets of smaller cab companies. 

Miami Taxi Fares

Miami taxis are basically metered, meaning that the ride’s cost is calculated by the vehicle’s taximeter based on the distance and time. Some taxi drivers may offer set prices, but this is rarely the case. In any case, taxi rates are regulated by the government. Thus, the fee for the first 1/6 mile (0.26km) is 2.95$/2.76€, while each 1/6 mile (0.26km) up to 1 mile (1.6km) is charged at 0.85$/0.80€. For each 1/6 mile (0.26km) after that distance, Miami taxis charge 0.55$/0.51€. The cost for waiting time is 0.40$/0.37€ per minute (24$/22.46€ per hour). Extra charges apply for airport rides, and toll fees fall on the customer. Still, no extra rates apply for wheelchairs, animals, luggage, or child seats.

Miami Taxi Payment Methods

In general, payments are available in cash or via bank cards. Nevertheless, in case you are planning on paying via card, it is s advisable to inform the driver before starting the transfer so as not to be caught by surprise.

How to Hire a Taxi in Miami

If you want to catch a cab in Miami, you’ll have the usual options in your hands. Thus, you can either hail one from the street, call or use an app for your taxi ride, or head to the nearest taxi rank. Numerous taxis serve the city of Miami, making catching a taxi from the street doable and even easy. On the other hand, Miami taxi stands are scattered all over the city, especially adjacent to the central areas, near the most popular attractions, shopping malls, etc. Finally, using the phone or one of the cab apps to call for your taxi is also an alternative, coming with a small extra fee. Even so, it is totally advisable to call your cab if you are traveling late at night, heading to an outside-the-city-limits area, or having a flight or boat to catch. 

Miami Taxis to Miami Airport

A Miami taxi is the ideal way to reach Miami Airport with ease and comfort. Even though finding a taxi in the street is always a possibility, calling your cab is preferable to secure an on-time arrival at the airport for your onward flight. The ride to MIA Airport with a Miami taxi should last around 20 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Nevertheless, traffic jams may even double the traveling time. Fortunately, Miami airport taxis are entitled to exclusively use the MIA pick-up lane. Therefore, the road congestion inside the airport complex won’t affect your transfer. 

You can expect an approximately 27$/25.29 fee for your ride from downtown to Miami Airport, including the 2$/1.87€ airport fare. 

Extra Info & Tips about Taxis in Miami

  • Miami taxis charge according to their taximeter. Verily, even rides from Miami Airport to downtown don’t come with a flat fare. Therefore, you should always check if the taximeter is zeroed and on before starting your ride.
  • You should always be absolutely sure that the cab planning to use is an official one. Licensed taxis in Miami have the “taxi” or “cab” sign on them as well as the company’s telephone number. Moreover, the vehicle’s license number, the driver’s license number, and the driver’s rate card should also be clearly displayed.
  • Taxi drivers are obliged to transfer you to the destination of your choice. However, some drivers tend to refuse short-distanced trips. Please keep in mind that this is highly illegal and can be reported. 
  • If you want to file an official complaint, you should fill out this form.  
  • Unfortunately, some Miami cab drivers don’t speak English fluently.
  • There are plenty of Spanish-speaking drivers. Thus, if you speak and prefer the language, you should give it a try.
  • Plenty of accessible cabs offer their services in Miami.
  • Although not obligatory, tipping the driver is a common thing. In fact, a 15%-20% tip is customary for pleasant services. 


How do you call a taxi in Miami?

If you want to call your taxi, you simply have to settle on your preferred taxi company and call the relevant phone number. Alternatively, you can use one of the cab mobile apps. 

Is it hard to get a taxi in Miami?

You can hail a taxi from the street, as plenty of cabs circulate in Miami. However, for safe and secure services, it is recommended to call a cab or head to one of Miami’s taxi ranks.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Miami?

Tipping the taxi driver isn’t obligatory in Miami. Still, it is customary for passengers to give a 15%-20% tip when the transfer services are pleasant and satisfactory.