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Shuttles and Buses from and to Miami Airport​

Numerous airport buses leave Miami International Airport, heading to every part of the city. Thus, 9 Metrobus Lines are available to MIA airport passengers wishing to reach their final destination in Miami on a bus. What’s more, Greyhound Buses also depart to Key West and Marathon. However, Miami Airport doesn’t have a bus station. On the contrary, all the bus lines call at the Miami Intermodal Center, one mile (1.6km) away from the airport. Even though it may sound inconvenient, the free and frequent airport MIA Mover needs only 4 minutes to reach the MIC area, making the cheap bus transfers a lot more tempting to Miami visitors traveling on a tight budget. On the other hand, the Metrobus vehicles are well-maintained, accessible, and equipped with comfortable seating. Additionally, they provide their passengers with free Wi-Fi.

Our Tip: The free Miami trolley network extends to Miami Intermodal Center. Thus, the Flagami Route heads towards the Flagami area from 06:30 am to 11:00 pm from Monday to Saturday (no Sunday routes).

Miami Airport Metrobus Lines

Miami Airport is connected to the City of Miami and its suburban areas via 9 Metrobus Lines. Hence, no matter your destination’s location, you’ll most probably find an available route to your journey’s end. In detail, the Metrobus Routes that serve Miami International Airport are:

  • Metrobus Route 7/7A: linking Miami Airport to downtown, Route 7 stops (among other areas) at Downtown Metrobus Terminal, College North Metromover Station, and the Historic Overtown Lyric Theater Station. The bus runs daily from 05:27 am to 09:11 pm every 30 minutes, from 05:17 am to 07:51 pm on Saturdays, and from 06:22 am to 08:02 pm on Sundays.
  • Metrobus Route 37: Hialeah Metrorail Station, South Miami Metrorail Station, and Douglas Road Metrorail Station are among the busiest stops Route 37 makes on its way. The bus is available from 05:47 am to 11:10 pm every 30 minutes, while on Saturdays, it operates from 06:15 am to 11:30 pm, and on Sundays, from 06:20 am to 10:31 pm.
  • Metrobus Route 42: linking Opa-Locka to Coral Gables, Route 42 calls at Miami Airport, Tri-Rail Metrorail Station, and Douglas Road Station while running from 05:11 am to 11:04 pm on a 30-60-minute basis on weekdays and from 06:09 am to 11:02 pm on weekends.
  • Metrobus Route 57: heading to Palmetto Bay, Metrobus 57 operates only on weekdays from 06:00 am to 06:14 pm, with hourly routes.
  • Metrobus Route 110 (J): connecting Miami Airport to Miami Beach, Route J leaves Miami Intermodal Center every 20-30 minutes, from 04:29 am to 12:55 am during the week. On Saturdays, Route J’s operational hours are from 04:20 am to 12:40 am, and on Sundays, from 04:17 am to 12:20 am.
  • Metrobus Route 150 Miami Beach Airport Express: making limited stops on its way, Route 150 heads to Mid Beach every 20-30 minutes from 06:00 am to 11:40 pm.
  • Metrobus Route 238 East West Connection: running only on weekdays, Route 238 links the airport to the Dolphin Mall Terminal. Metrobus 238 operates on a 45-minute frequency from 06:30 am to 07:40 pm.
  • Metrobus Route 338 Weekend Express: heading from Miami International Mall to Dolphin Mall, Route 338 is available only on weekends from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm. Its routes are hourly.
  • Metrobus Route 297 27th Avenue Orange Max: with a few stops on its way, Route 297 operates only on weekdays, serving important transportation hubs, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Metrorail Station and Brownsville Station. With rather frequent -every-20-minute routes-, it runs from 06:00 am to 07:20 pm.

Our Tip: Buses covering only a part of the ordinary route have a number after their number. Therefore, you should carefully check the number displayed on the front side of the Metrobus before entering the bus.

Where is the Bus Station at Miami Airport?

Miami Airport doesn’t house a bus station. Thus, passengers wishing to travel to Miami via bus have to reach the third terminal floor between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages and take the airport automated people mover -MIA Mover- to Miami Intermodal Center (MIC). Fortunately, MIA Mover is free and runs on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, its route to MIC lasts only 4 minutes. 

Miami Airport Bus Tickets

One-way Metrobus tickets cost 2.25$/2.10€, while those entitled to discounted tickets (seniors, people with special needs, etc.) pay 1.10$/1€ for their bus ticket. One-day passes are also an option at a 5.65$/5.28€ price. Payments can be made inside the bus (in cash as well), contactless, via the Go Miami-Dade Transit App, or using an EASY Card or an EASY Ticket.

The rechargeable EASY Cards can be used for Metrobus, Metrorail, and Tri-Rail rides. With a 20-year expiration date, they are available online or through the station’s ticket offices and automated machines. Their cost is 2$/1.87€. On the other hand, EASY Tickets can be obtained for free, last 60 days, and can be topped up with a 1-day pass, a 7-day pass, or an up to 40$/37€ amount of money.

Contactless payments, EASY Cards, and EASY Tickets offer an important advantage. Thus, they allow free transfers between different Metrobus Lines and Metromover. However, please note that when it comes to bus transfers, free changes of lines are allowed only for a 3-hour time frame from the initial ride period of time. Furthermore, for transfers from a Metrobus to an Express Bus, you’ll have to pay an additional 0.95$/0.89€ fee. The use of Metrobus and Tri-Rail, on the other hand, requires an extra 0.60$/0.56€ fare. Should you pay in cash, you’ll be charged the full ticket price.


How much is the Miami Airport Express Bus 150?

A one-way ticket for Miami Beach Airport Express Bus (Metrobus 150) costs 2.25$/2.10€. Tickets are available inside the bus (through the automatic vendors) both in cash and via bank cars. Alternatively, you can opt for contactless payment or pay for your bus fare via the Go Miami-Dade Transit App or using an EASY Card or an EASY Ticket.

How to get a bus from Miami International Airport?

Miami airport buses call at Miami Intermodal Center (MIC), located one mile (1.6km) from MIA Airport. Thus, if you have settled on a bus transfer, once landing at the airport, you have to reach the airport’s third floor between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages and take the free MIA Mover (the automated people mover linking the airport to the Car Rental Center and the Miami Intermodal Center). After a 4-minute ride, you’ll get to MIC and choose one of the 9 Metrobus Lines serving Miami Airport.

Does Miami trolley go to the airport?

Miami trolley also serves transfers from and to Miami International Airport. In fact, the Flagami Route links the airport to the Flagami area, with available routes from 06:30 am to 11:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.