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Why Take a Miami Airport Taxi

Miami airport taxis are the “traditional” option for passengers wishing to reach their final destination relaxed and hassle-free after landing at MIA Airport. Verily, plenty of Miami airport cabs are to be found at the official taxi stands, providing their services around the clock. The yellow-colored vehicles belong to the fleet of various taxi companies, guaranteeing secure and quality services. A few black cabs are present as well, as part of smaller cab providers’ fleets.

So, why opt for a Miami airport taxi after all? To begin with, Miami airport taxis are always present. No matter the time or the day arriving at MIA, you’ll find cabs lining up at the airport taxi stands. On the other hand, they provide door-to-door services along with fast and comfortable rides. Even though dependent on traffic jams, Miami airport taxis will drop you off right in front of your hotel doors without having to navigate around the city or trying to find the right disembarking stop for your bus or train ride. Moreover, with an airport taxi, your personal belongings are safely stored inside the vehicle’s trunk and not exposed and prone to theft as while traveling via bus or train. Naturally, a Miami airport taxi isn’t a budget option. However, it is a value-for-money one.

Miami Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Miami airport taxis are metered. In the past, they offered set fares for specific destinations. Nevertheless, nowadays, fixed-priced rides no longer exist. Hence, all Miami taxis are metered, and their fares are formed by the taximeter. The price list is governmentally regulated. The rate for the first 1/6 mile (0.26km) is 2.95$/2.76€. Each 1/6 mile (0.26km) up to 1 mile (1.6km) has a fee of 0.85$/0.80€, while each consequent 1/6 mile (0.26km) is priced at 0.55$/0.51€. Waiting time also raises the final price. Thus, you’ll have to pay 0.40$/0.37€ per minute (24$/22.46€ per hour). Airport rides bring an extra 2$/1.87€ fare, and toll fees are added to the ride’s cost as well. However, wheelchairs, animals, luggage, and child seats are out of charge.

Just to get an idea, the 20-minute transfer from Miami Airport to downtown costs approximately 27$/25.29€. What’s more, a 15$/14€ minimum rate applies for airport transfers, meaning that even short airport rides come with a 15$/14€ price. If the taximeter’s indication exceeds this rate, you are, of course, to pay the indicated price. Payments can be made both in cash and via bank cards. However, even though Miami taxis are supposed to be equipped with POS machines, it is advisable to check with your driver before starting your journey.

Our Tip: Some taxi drivers may negotiate a fixed price. However, this is rarely the case, as all Miami taxi rides are supposed to be metered.

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Miami Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Where is your journey’s end? Check out the average taxi fares from Miami Airport to the most popular destinations in the area:


FromTo Price ($)Price (€)Duration
Miami AirportDowntown
2725.2920 min
Miami AirportCruise Port302815 min
Miami AirportSouth Beach403725 min
Miami AirportFort Lauderdale Airport757035 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Miami Airport?

Miami airport taxis are queuing up outside MIA Airport, on the Arrivals level. Thus, the official taxi stands are to be found on the ground floor of Miami Airport. Once retrieving your luggage from the baggage claim area, you’ll simply have to exit the doors, and you’ll find yourself right in front of the taxi rank. 

Airport Taxi from Miami Airport to Hotel

If you are looking for a convenient and safe way to reach your hotel from Miami International Airport, you should opt for a Miami airport taxi. Available 24/7, Miami airport taxis will transfer you to your hotel in comfort, no matter the time of the day or the location of your final destination. On the other hand, if you are traveling on a budget or want to avoid unnecessary expenses, it is advisable to check if your hotel offers free shuttle services from and to the airport. 

Tips & Hints about Miami Airport Taxis

  • Miami airport taxis are metered. Therefore, to avoid getting overcharged, you should always check if the taximeter is zeroed and on once entering the cab.
  • You should always deny individual transfer offers and opt for an official Miami taxi from the airport taxi ranks. Licensed Miami taxis have the “Taxi” or “Cab” sign on them as well as their company’s phone number. Moreover, the vehicle’s license number and the driver’s license number should be clearly displayed.
  • High traffic levels may raise the price considerably.
  • During rush hours, you may have to wait in line for your cab.
  • Accessible taxis are also available at Miami Airport, yet upon request.
  • Drivers are obligated to transfer you to the destination of your choice. They can’t deny rides. Even so, some taxi drivers are known for refusing short-haul transfers.
  • In case you want to file an official complaint, all you have to do is fill out this form
  • Tipping the driver is complimentary. Still, a 15%-20% tip is customary for satisfactory transfer services. 
  • Some taxi drivers may not speak English fluently, while most of them are both English and Spanish-speaker. 
  • Ride-sharing is also an option at Miami Airport.


Are taxis readily available at Miami Airport?

Miami airport taxis operate around the clock at MIA Airport. Thus, whatever time landing at the airport, you’ll find an available taxi vehicle waiting at the airport’s taxi rank. Still, during rush hours, a waiting line for a taxi is always a possibility.

How to get a taxi in Miami Airport?

Miami Airport houses taxi ranks outside the terminals’ Arrivals level. Thus, once getting your luggage, you’ll leave the baggage claim area, and exiting the airport’s ground floor, you’ll spot the taxi rank.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Miami?

Tipping in Miami isn’t obligatory. However, it is highly usual. Hence, passengers satisfied with the transfer services usually give a 15%-20% tip to their taxi driver.