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The Available Options for Parking at Miami International Airport

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Parking at Miami International Airport

Parking at Miami International Airport is an easy task. Miami Airport offers its passengers all the necessary amenities to park their vehicles relaxed and hassle-free. Two car parks, one short-term parking lot, an affordable option, as well as a pick-up/drop-off area and valet services, are provided by MIA Airport. Hence, depending on your terminal, your budget, and your exact needs, you can select the Miami airport parking lot of your choice.

Our Tip: The 2022’s rapid increase in Miami airport’s passenger traffic led to the insufficiency of its parking amenities. Therefore, from Thursday to Saturday finding an available parking spot can be tricky. Nevertheless, to deal with the problem, MIA has already planned the construction of new parking spaces.

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Miami Airport Parking Lots

The two main Miami airport parking lots are the Dolphin Garage and the Flamingo Garage. They are both located right in the middle of the U-shaped MIA building, within walking distance from the terminal doors. However, the Dolphin Car Park is the ideal option for passengers heading to concourse D (North terminal) or concourse E (Central terminal). Thus, passengers flying with British Airways, American Airlines, JetBlue, or Qatar Airways should opt for a parking spot in the Dolphin Miami Airport Parking Lot (also known as the North Parking). On the other hand, the Flamingo Garage (or South Parking) is preferred by travelers flying from concourses E-J (Central terminal and South terminal) with any other airline. The two garages together offer a total of 7500 parking spots to Miami airport passengers and are equipped with a guidance system indicating the parking’s availability (the red light signifies no available spots and the green free parking spaces).

Our Tip 1: A two-story car park is to be found closer to MIA terminal doors, right in front of concourse E. It serves only MIA airport’s short-stay parking needs.

Our Tip 2: A designated parking area for oversized vehicles is situated on the east side of the Dolphin Garage.

Valet Parking Services at Miami International Airport

If you are looking for the most convenient parking option in Miami Airport, you should undoubtedly settle on the MIA valet services. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you simply hand the vehicle’s keys over to a member of the airport staff and rest assured that it will be properly parked in a safe parking place. Once you return, you will pick up your vehicle from the same spot. The pick-up and drop-off locations for Valet Parking are on the second level (Departures level) of both the Dolphin and the Flamingo Garages.

Cheap Miami Airport Parking is a Thing?

The MIA Economy Park & Ride Lot lies a 6-minute ride from Miami International Airport (at 1350 N.W. 45th Avenue), being a much more affordable option due to its distance from the airport. Nevertheless, as free shuttles run from and to MIA Airport every 15 minutes, reaching the terminal poses no problem to passengers traveling on a budget and valuing the lower rates. Explicitly, the shuttle rides end their routes on the Miami airport Departure level, opposite Doors 3,11, and 26.

Miami Airport Parking Rates

The parking rates at Miami International Airport are pretty much the same. The only exemptions to this rule are the cheaper MIA Economy Park and the premium and costlier valet services. Hence, the Miami airport parking fees are as follows:

Dolphin and Flamingo Garages Parking Rates

  • Each 20-minute period of time: 2$/1.80€
  • Maximum daily charge (applying after the first 4 hours): 25$/23.23€

Miami Airport Parking Rates for Valet Services 

  • For the first 0-3 hours: 22$/20.40€
  • From 3 hours to 24 hours: 35$/32.52€
  • Maximum charge per day: 35$/32.52€

Miami Airport Parking Rates for MIA Economy Park & Ride Lot

  • Price per day: 12$/11.15€

Important Note: Please keep in mind that unless the parking spot has a “no overnight parking” sign, the maximum parking period for the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages is 45 days, while valet services are provided for up-to-20-day parking at the airport. If you exceed this time, your vehicle will be towed, and you’ll be charged the relevant expenses. 

Payment Methods for Parking at Miami Airport

Miami airport parking lots have automatic machines, securing easy and quick payments. Thus, MIA Quick Pay Stations are to be found inside the garages, allowing payments before reaching the exit doors. When entering the garage, you get a ticket, and you use it to pay either inside the parking lots or at the machines lying on the exits. Once getting to the reader at the exit lane, you insert the ticket, and you are ready to go! However, if you use a credit card to get into the garages, you are obliged to use again the same card to pay at the exit lane’s reader machine. Cash, credit/debit cards, Samsung pay, and Apple pay can be accepted for your payment. Nevertheless, cash can be used only at the MIA Quick Pay Stations inside the two parking facilities. What’s more, SunPass is no longer accepted. Valet Parking is paid the same way. 

On the other hand, to pay for the MIA Economy Park & Ride Lot, you have to use PaybyPhone (either via its app and website or by phone). Credit cards, Samsung pay, and Apple pay are accepted payment methods, whereas you can’t use cash.

Our Tip: For the time being, in-advance bookings aren’t an option at Miami Airport.

Pick-ups at Miami International Airport

If you are about to pick up your loved ones from Miami Airport and want to avoid parking expenses, you can use the airport’s Cell Phone Waiting Lot. With 60 parking spaces, the Cell Phone Waiting Lot is the free Miami airport parking option, available though only for a really short period of time. The parking lot is located at LeJeune Road and NW 31 Street, 4 minutes away from the airport terminals. 

Our Tip: The pick-up parking lot is available only for private vehicles and not for car rentals.

Accessible Parking at Miami International Airport

Miami airport parking is well-adapted to MIA disabled passengers’ needs. Hence, as long as their vehicles clearly display the parking permit or license tag, passengers with disabilities can use the accessible parking spots lying on the Ground floor and Level 3 of both MIA airport garages. Even though the parking fees are the same, persons with special needs are entitled to two hours of free parking.

Parking your Electric Vehicle at MIA Airport

If you travel with an electric vehicle and are in need of a charging point, all you have to do is use Miami airport’s facilities. Available around the clock, charging stations are to be found at the Arrivals level (1st floor) -in the inner loop between concourses E and G- as well as at the Departures level (2nd floor) of both garages (on the valet parking).


How much does it cost to park at Miami Airport?

The two Miami airport parking lots (the Dolphin and the Flamingo Garage) have the same price list. Hence, passengers are charged 2$/1.80€ for every 20 minutes up to the first 4 hours. After that time, the maximum daily charge is applied, which is 25$/23.23€.

Does Miami Airport have long term parking?

The two airport car parks (the Dolphin and the Flamingo Garage) offer short-term and long-term parking services (up to a 45-day period of time). Moreover, if you are looking for cheap Miami airport parking, you can head to MIA Economy Park & Ride Lot at 1350 N.W. 45th Avenue, a 6-minute ride from the terminals.

Is it cheaper to book airport parking in advance?

In general terms, pre-booking a parking spot comes with benefits and discounts. However, for the time being, passengers can’t reserve a parking spot at MIA Airport.  

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