How to Get from Miami Airport to Downtown Miami

Miami Airport (MIA)Transportation

Transit Options from Miami International Airport to Downtown Miami

Miami Airport is precisely 6.7 miles (10.7km) away from the city center. Thus, if you are heading to the city center and looking for transit options from Miami International Airport to downtown Miami, you’ll have to choose between a convenient Miami airport taxi, a lavish Miami airport transfer, or public transportation. The fast and affordable Metrorail Orange Line, as well as Metrobus Route 7 link the airport to the heart of the city. On the other hand, if you want to feel completely independent during your ride, a Miami airport car rental should be ideal for you. 


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi2725.2920 min
Metrobus2.252.1055 min
Metrorail2.252.1020 min

Miami Airport to Downtown Miami by Taxi

Miami airport taxis guarantee safe and comfortable trips from Miami Airport to downtown Miami. Available around the clock outside MIA exit doors, on the Arrivals level, the yellow cabs (you may spot some black ones as well, belonging to the fleet of smaller taxi companies) offer metered rides based on their taximeter’s indication. Hence, the first 1/6 mile (0.26km) is charged at 2.95$/2.76€, while 1/6 mile (0.26km) up to 1 mile (1.6km) costs 0.85$/0.80€. After that distance, every 1/6 mile (0.26km) brings an 0.55$/0.51€ fee. Waiting time is priced at 0.40$/0.37€ per minute (24$/22.46€ per hour) and a fee of 2$/1.87€ applies to airport journeys. Nevertheless, wheelchairs, child sears, animals, and luggage don’t raise the taxi fare. For your 20-minute ride from Miami International Airport to downtown Miami you can expect a 27$/25.29€ final price. Payments are theoretically accepted in cash and via bank cards. Still, it is advisable to check with your driver before entering the taxi. On the other hand, high traffic levels (usually from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 03:00 pm to 07:30 pm) may raise the traveling time and the ride’s cost. What’s more, during peak hours, the waiting line for a Miami airport taxi may be long.

Our Tip 1: Although not obligatory, a 15%-20% tip is expected for pleasant rides.

Our Tip 2: Some taxi drivers may not speak English fluently, while most are both English and Spanish-speaker. 

Our Tip 3: Ride-sharing is also an option at MIA Airport. 

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Miami Airport to Downtown Miami by Bus

Miami Airport is also connected to the heart of the city via the cheap and effective yet time-consuming bus. Thus, the Metrobus Route 7/7A leaves from the Miami Intermodal Center and reaches the stop NE 1 Av & NE 1 St in the city center in about 51 minutes. Metrobus 7 runs daily from 05:27 am to 09:11 pm on a 30-minute basis, while on Saturdays, it is available from 05:17 am to 07:51 pm and on Sundays from 06:22 am to 08:02 pm. 

If opting for the bus option for your travel from Miami Airport to downtown Miami, you should head to the MIA Mover Station at the 3rd airport level between the Dolphin and Flaming Garages and hop on the free automated airport shuttle, running approximately every 4 minutes, around the clock. MIA Mover will take you to Miami Intermodal Center in about 4 minutes, raising your total journey time to 55 minutes. Even though time-taking, the Metrobus vehicles have comfy seats, are accessible, and offer free Wi-Fi. Moreover, their ticket is as much as 2.25$/2.10€ and can be bought inside the bus (in cash and via card), via the Go Miami-Dade Transit App, with the use of an EASY Card or an EASY Ticket, or even with contactless payment.  

EASY Cards last for a 20-year period of time and are valid for trips with Metrobus, Metrorail, and Tri-Rail. They are available from the station’s automated ticket vendors and offices and are priced at 2$/1.87€. EASY Tickets are valid for 60 days and can be loaded with a 1-day pass (5.65$/5.28€), a 7-day pass, or with cash (up to 40$/37€). Contactless payments and EASY products offer free change of lines between buses, Metrorail, and Metromover. However, for bus rides, a 3-hour time limit applies. After that time, every bus trip must be fully paid for. 

Our Tip 1: A change of lines between a Metrobus and an Express Bus requires an extra 0.95$/0.89€ fee, whereas the combination of Metrobus and Metrorail adds an additional 0.60$/0.56€ to the total journey cost. 

Our Tip 2: The free Miami trolleys leave the Miami Intermodal Center on weekdays from 06:30 am to 11:00 pm. However, you’ll have to change 3 trolley lines to reach downtown Miami, adding a lot of time and hassle to your journey.

Miami Airport to Downtown Miami by Train

The Miami Airport Metrorail Orange Line leaves from Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) as well. Hence, a 4-minute ride with the free airport MIA Mover will also be required to reach the MIC. Once arriving there, you can hop on the Metrorail, running from 05:00 am to midnight every 10-15 minutes (every 30 minutes from 08:00 pm to midnight). Please note that during weekends, the Orange Line also runs on a 15-minute frequency. However, it ends its route in Earlington Heights Station. Therefore, on Saturdays and Sundays, a change to the Green Line at Earlington Heights is required to get from Miami Airport to downtown Miami. The Green Line has available routes every 30 minutes.

The journey from the airport to the Government Center Station in the city center with the Metrorail should last 20 minutes. From that point, downtown Miami is a 10-minute walk away. The Miami airport Metrorail tickets cost 2.25$/2.10€ and can be purchased at the fare gates (with contactless payment, not cash), via an EASY Card and an EASY Ticket, or through the Go Miami-Dade Transit app. A contactless payment or an EASY product allows free change of lines as well. Still, the use of a Metrorail and an Express Bus costs an extra 0.95$/0.89, while hopping from a Metrorail to Tri-Rail is charged an additional 1.20$/1.12€.

Our Tip: Metrorail passengers can also use the network’s Wi-Fi out of charge.

Car Rental from Miami Airport to Downtown Miami

Miami airport car rentals are highly valued by travelers wishing to enjoy independent rides once landing at their destination airport. As MIA Airport hosts a wide variety of car rental providers, services are top-rated and prices competitive. Thus, finding the ideal vehicle for you should be proven an easy task.

Although relishing autonomous rides with your Miami car rental -getting to know every part of the city and its surrounding areas in style-, reaching downtown Miami can be time-consuming if caught in traffic. Overall, the journey from Miami Airport to downtown Miami lasts 20 minutes. Nevertheless, from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 03:00 pm to 07:30 pm, the congested roads should add some extra time to your ride. As far as the parking is concerned, Miami prices are considered rather expensive. In any case, if your hotel downtown doesn’t offer parking services, prebooking your parking spot is always recommended.

Private Airport Transfers from Miami Airport to Downtown Miami

Miami airport transfers are the most “Miami-like” option to travel from Miami International Airport to downtown Miami. Having your driver waiting for you right after the baggage claim areas, helping you with your luggage, and escorting you to your preferred and chosen vehicle parked just outside the exit doors is the perfect way to meet the “Magic City”. Even though Miami airport transfers are considered somewhat pricier than an ordinary taxi ride, if you search in advance and compare your options, you can come up with a tempting deal and combine comfort and affordable prices for your airport transfer.


How to get from the airport to downtown Miami?

You’ll have plenty of options for your journey from Miami Airport to downtown Miami. Apart from ordinary Miami airport taxis and luxurious airport transfers, MIA Airport provides its passengers with plenty of car rental options. On the other hand, Metrobus Route 7 and the Metrorail Orange Line are cost-effective alternatives for your ride.

How much is a cab from Miami Airport to downtown?

Miami taxis are metered. Thus, they don’t offer set fares for their rides. Nevertheless, the 20-minute journey from Miami International Airport to downtown Miami with an airport taxi usually costs 27$/25.29€.