How to Get from Miami Airport to Islamorada

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Transit Options from Miami Airport to Islamorada

The “Purple Island” (the actual meaning of Islamorada) is a scenic village in Monroe County and one of the most popular locations in Florida, especially when it comes to family vacations. Lying between Miami and Key West, the paradise destination is 78.5 miles (126km) away from the City of Miami and actually consists of 6 islands. Thus, if you are heading from Miami Airport to Islamorada,  you can choose between the good-old Miami airport taxis, the lavish airport transfers, the autonomous car rentals, the cheap bus lines, or even the mid-range shuttle option.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi210196100 min
Bus1716120 min
Shuttle110103105 min

Miami Airport to Islamorada by Taxi

Miami airport taxis are certainly not cheap. Still, they are one of the most convenient options to travel from Miami Airport to Islamorada. The yellow vehicles (you may notice some black taxis as well, belonging to smaller cab agencies) are always queuing up at the official airport taxi ranks, just outside the exit doors on the Arrivals level. Hence, no matter the day or time, you’ll find an available Miami airport taxi waiting for you. Please take into account that during peak hours, waiting for a taxi is always a possibility. Still, the waiting time won’t add much to your journey’s duration.

The metered Miami taxis don’t offer set prices for their rides. Nevertheless, their price list is state-regulated. Thus, you can expect a 210$/196€ fare for the ride from Miami International Airport to Islamorada. The price includes the airport fee. On the other hand, there is no extra charge for wheelchairs, children’s seats, luggage, or animals. However, a 15%-20% tip for sufficient services, although not obligatory, is highly customary. You can pay for your taxi fare in cash or bank cards. Still, it is recommended to check if the taxi is indeed kitted with a POS before starting your ride. Overall, the journey to Islamorada lasts around 90-120 minutes. Unfortunately, the traffic levels affect the ride’s cost as well as its duration.

Our Tip 1: If you are a Spanish speaker, you’ll be glad to know that most taxi drivers in Miami speak Spanish as well.

Our Tip 2: If you prefer ride-sharing services, you’ll find plenty of available options at Miami Airport.

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Miami Airport to Islamorada by Bus

A bus ride from Miami Airport to Islamorada is the cheapest alternative. Nevertheless, Miami International Airport doesn’t house an inside-the-terminal bus station. Thus, after leaving the baggage claim area, you’ll have to head to the terminal’s third floor between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages. There lies the MIA Mover Station. MIA Mover is the free airport’s automated people mover, running 24/7 every 4 minutes with Miami Intermodal Center as its destination. After hopping on MIA Mover, you’ll reach the station in about 4 minutes. Once arriving there, you’ll have access to the Greyhound and Flixbus vehicles heading to Islamorada. The Greyhound Buses leave at 4:00 am and 11:00 am and need 125 minutes to get to Islamorada, while Flixbus departs at 07:55 am and 12:45 pm, and its route lasts approximately 115 minutes. Please note that the drop-off location at Islamorada lies in the parking lot of Burger King.

The ticket fee for the bus ride from Miami International Airport to Islamorada costs around 17$/16€. It is advisable to book your ticket in advance. You can buy it online or even collect it at the train station and pay for it on the spot using either cash or credit/debit cards.

Miami Airport to Islamorada by Shuttle

If you are in for a “shared” ride and want to save money on your journey from Miami Airport to Islamorada but aren’t willing to use the less comfortable bus, you can opt for the mid-range option, which is a shuttle. Keys Shuttle provides shuttle and door-to-door services from the airport to Islamorada on a daily basis. Its up-to-12-person vehicles are well-maintained, comfy, and clean, and leave from the MIA’s Ground floor (near the baggage claim areas) three times a day (at 11:00 am, 03:00 pm, and 07:00 pm) heading to Islamorada. Their journey lasts around 105 minutes and costs 110$/103€ for a one-way trip and 198$/185€ for a round ride.

Car Rental from Miami Airport to Islamorada

Travelers valuing independence during their trips usually opt for Miami airport car rentals. The variety of car rental companies operating at Miami International Airport results in an equally sufficient range of available vehicle types as well as competitive prices. Thus, if you search in-depth and compare your options, you’ll almost certainly come up with the ideal Miami car rental for you at a fair price.

The journey from Miami Airport to Islamorada usually lasts from 90 to 120 minutes. However, under heavy traffic, the ride’s duration may be up to 140 minutes. Still, nothing gives you more freedom to explore the picturesque Islamorada area than a handy car rental.

Private Airport Transfers from Miami Airport to Islamorada

Miami airport transfers may be the costlier way to travel from Miami International Airport to Islamorada, yet it is undoubtedly the most luxurious one while comes with many side advantages. Your driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your luggage and lead you to the vehicle of your preference parked right in front of the exit doors. Door-to-door services, quick rides, and reliable transfers are definitely among the top benefits of a Miami airport transfer. Additionally, the area-knowledgeable drivers are always more than happy to uncover the secret gems of Islamorada and give handy tips to make your stay memorable.


How far is Islamorada from the airport?

Miami Airport is within a 78.5-mile (126km) distance from Islamorada. Thus, under normal traffic conditions, a ride from Miami International Airport to Islamorada should last around 90-120 minutes.

How much is a shuttle from Miami Airport to Islamorada?

Keys Shuttle provides shuttle rides from Miami Airport to Islamorada. With a sufficient fleet of new and spacious up-to-12-passenger vehicles, the Keys Shuttle vans depart three times a day from MIA Airport and cost 110$/103€.