How to Get from Miami Airport to Boca Raton

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Transit Options from Miami Airport to Boca Raton

The beautiful city of Palm Beach County is all a traveler can wish for. Verily, Boca Raton -or simply Boca- has amazing beaches, scenic parks, interesting museums as well as an irresistible variety of retail shops and dining facilities. If you are one of the lucky ones and Boca is your destination, you’ll have to choose among airport taxis, car rentals, Miami airport transfers, intercity buses, or train rides to traverse the 48-mile (77km) distance from Miami Airport to Boca Raton.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi80-9075-8455 min
Bus1110100 min
Train6.255.8475 min

Miami Airport to Boca Raton by Taxi

Miami airport taxis are always lining up outside the Arrivals level of MIA Airport. The yellow -and sometimes black (belonging to the fleet of smaller taxi companies)- vehicles offer metered, door-to-door services to the destination of the passenger’s choice. Thus, although waiting in line for a cab during the airport’s peak hours is possible, taxis remain one of the most convenient alternatives for the journey from Miami Airport to Boca Raton.

The ride to your accommodation in Boca Raton should last around 45-60 minutes and cost 80$-90$/75€-84€ including the airport fee. Nevertheless, the usual traffic jams can raise the final cost and the traveling time. Hence, the ride from Miami Airport to Boca Raton can even take 130 minutes. Still, you won’t get extra charged for wheelchairs, child seats, luggage, or animals. Conversely, a 15%-20% tip for adequate services is customary, even though not obligatory. 

You can pay for your taxi fare in cash or bank cards. Still, it is recommended to check if the taxi is indeed kitted with a POS before starting your ride. 

Our Tip 1: Miami taxi drivers usually speak English and Spanish as well.

Our Tip 2: Ride-sharing services are also available for MIA travelers.

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Miami Airport to Boca Raton by Bus

Intercity buses handle transfers from Miami Airport to Boca Raton, leaving from Miami Intermodal Center (MIC). Thus, a free MIA Mover ride will be required to reach the bus stop located inside the MIC. MIA Mover (the airport automated people mover) runs around the clock every 4 minutes from the MIA Mover Station located on the third floor between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages and needs only 4 minutes to get to MIC.

From MIC, you’ll find two available bus routes to Boca Raton, both departing at 05:00 am. Hence, you can either take the Greyhound Bus making two in-between stops and reaching its terminus in 95 minutes, or the Flixbus with 5 intermediate stops and a 145-minute duration. Either way, buses head to the Greyhound Boca Raton Station (680 Yamato Rd, 33431), meaning that an extra ride will probably be necessary to get to the exact location of your destination. Still, buses are the cheapest alternative, costing only around 11$/10€ for a one-way trip. Reservations can be made online. in fact, you can book your ticket and pay for it as soon as you reach Miami Intermodal Center (in cash and bank cards).

Miami Airport to Boca Raton by Train

Apart from the cheap yet time-consuming buses, you can also choose a train ride from Miami Airport to Boca Raton. However, a 4-minute ride with the free MIA Mover lying in the third airport level between the Flamingo and Dolphin Garages will also be necessary, as Tri-Rail departs from Miami Intermodal Center as well. Fortunately, MIA Mover operates 24/7 with a 4-minute frequency.

Tri-Rail has available routes every 20-60 minutes depending on the time of the day, from 04:15 am to 09:40 pm. On weekends though, it runs hourly from 05:17 am to 09:42 pm. In general terms, the commuter train needs 70 minutes to reach the Boca Raton Station. A one-way ticket from Miami Airport to Boca Raton is priced at 6.25$/5.84€ (3$/2.80€ for seniors, persons with disabilities, and children between 5 and 12 years of age) and is available from the MIC ticket offices (open only on weekdays) and vending machines, or via an EASY Card and EASY Ticket, but not on board.

EASY Cards are rechargeable passes valid for 20 years and available for Metrorail, Metrobus, or Tri-Rail rides. They come with a 2$/1.87€ price and can be purchased through the station’s automatic machines and ticket kiosks. Conversely, EASY Tickets are complimentary and can be used for a 60-day period of time. You can load an EASY Ticket with a 1-day pass, a 7-day pass, or cash (up to 40$/37€). EASY Cards and EASY Tickets allow change of lines between Tri-Rail and Metrorail and Metrobus at a minimum cost (1.20$/1.12€).

Our Tip 1: Please remember to validate your EASY Card before entering the Tri-Rail.

Our Tip 2: Tri-Rail rides are cheaper on weekends. Thus, you’ll have to pay 5$/4.67€ for your journey from Miami Airport to Boca Raton.

Car Rental from Miami Airport to Boca Raton

If you want to travel from Miami Airport to Boca Raton at your own pace and get to know your destination on your own terms, you should opt for a Miami airport car rental. The numerous car rental companies present at Miami International Airport offer a wide variety of car hire services at tempting prices. Hence, through a search-and-compare process, you can come up with the ideal car type for you and your pocket.

Once leaving the MIA airport complex with your Miami car rental, you’ll be up for a 45-60-minute ride to Boca Raton under normal traffic conditions. Nevertheless, during rush hours, you can expect a longer traveling time (up to 130 minutes). After reaching Boca Raton, you can park your vehicle on the street (upon payment) or in one of the city’s many parking lots, while free parking is an option, at least in some areas.

Private Airport Transfers from Miami Airport to Boca Raton

It may be pricier, but still, nothing can be compared to the convenience and luxury services provided by Miami airport transfers. When booking your private airport transfer, you can expect your driver to wait for you at the Arrivals hall, on tap to help you with your personal items and lead you to the vehicle of your choice outside the terminal’s doors. What’s more, apart from the safe, pleasant, and door-to-door ride from Miami Airport to Boca Raton, you’ll be given handy tips and hints so as to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Thus, make your pick among the Miami airport transfer companies and enjoy each and every moment of your transportation to your final destination.


How far is Miami Airport to Boca Raton?

Boca Raton is 48 miles (77km) away from Miami Airport. Thus, a ride from Miami Airport to Boca Raton should last around 45-60 minutes, whereas heavy traffic levels can raise that time dramatically. 

How to get from Miami Airport to Boca?

If you value convenience, you should opt for an airport taxi or a lavish Miami airport transfer for your journey from Miami Airport to Boca Raton. On the other hand, airport car rentals will undoubtedly offer you independence and allow you to explore Boca and its surrounding areas, whereas train and bus rides are affordable alternatives if you are traveling on a budget.