How to Get from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

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Transit Options from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

If you have just landed at Miami International Airport and are up for a cruise, you’ll find plenty of options to get from Miami Airport to Cruise Port. Located 8 miles (13km) from the main airport in Miami on the Dodge Island, the Cruise Port is one of the busiest in the world. Miami is considered the “King of the cruise” after all! Hence, apart from the ordinary and convenient airport taxis, you can opt for a luxury Miami airport transfer to reach your destination and sail for your dream vacation. Alternatively, cruise companies provide shuttle services, while airport car rentals are ideal for independent rides. As far as public transit routes are concerned, you can opt for a bus or a train ride. However, you won’t find a direct option from Miami International Airport to Cruise Port.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi302815 min
Cruise Shuttle17-2016-18.7020 min
Bus2.252.1080 min
Train2.252.1035 min

Miami Airport to Cruise Port by Taxi

Miami airport taxis are, without any doubt, one of the most convenient ways to reach your cruise ship after arriving at MIA Airport. Miami Airport has official taxi ranks scattered around its Arrivals level, right outside the exit doors. Thus, catching one of the 24/7 yellow cabs shouldn’t trouble you, even during the peak hours when tolerable waiting lines for a cab are a common reality.

Miami airport taxis don’t offer flat fares. Hence, the final cost of the ride from Miami Airport to Cruise Port is dependent on the traffic levels. Overall, the 15-minute journey to the Port should cost around 30$/28€, including tolls and the airport fee. Nevertheless, from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 03:00 pm to 07:30 pm, the road congestion may even double the ride’s time and raise the prices significantly. Fortunately, wheelchairs, animals, and luggage don’t bring an extra fee. On the other hand, a 15%-20% tip is highly customary (even though optional) for adequate services. You can pay for your Miami airport taxi ride both in cash and via card. Still, it is always recommended to check if the taxi is indeed equipped with a POS before starting your trip.

Our Tip 1: You may spot some black cabs as well. They are licensed too but are part of smaller taxi companies.

Our Tip 2: Ride-sharing is also an option at Miami International Airport.

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Miami Airport to Cruise Port by Cruise Shuttle

Opting for a cruise shuttle for your journey from Miami Airport to Cruise Port comes with many advantages. To begin with, cruise shuttles provide door-to-door services, meaning that you’ll be dropped off right in front of your ship while traveling stress-free, as the cruise ship company should be responsible for potential delays or unexpected incidents on the way. Long story short, the ship won’t leave without you, no matter what. Conversely, a cruise shuttle ride may add some hassle to your journey, as you may have to wait for other passengers to arrive and for the vehicle to reach its full capacity. What’s more, cruise shuttles are usually available only on the departure day of the cruise. Thus, if you arrive at MIA Airport earlier, you won’t be able to benefit from your cruise company’s shuttle services. In general terms, cruise shuttles are considered a rather expensive option. Priced at 17$-20$/16€-18.70€, the cost for cruise shuttle rides is per person and not per journey.

Our Tip 1: If you book your Miami airport flight via the cruise ship company, you may be provided with free shuttle services from Miami Airport to Cruise Port.

Our Tip 2: Private, more affordable shuttle services are also available from Miami Airport.

Miami Airport to Cruise Port by Bus

Unfortunately, you won’t find a bus line heading right into the Cruise Port terminals. However, you can opt for a cheap bus journey from Miami Airport to Miami Cruise Port as long as you are up for an 0.8-mile (1.3km) walk. In that case, you should head to MIA’s third floor between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages and take the free and 24/7 MIA Mover, running every 4 minutes and reaching Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) in just 4 minutes.

From Miami Intermodal Center, you can take the Metrobus Route 7/7A, handling airport transits to Miami downtown. Metrobus Route 7/7A operates on a 30-minute frequency from 05:27 am to 09:11 pm. On Saturdays, its working hours slightly change, running from 05:17 am to 07:51 pm, while on Sundays, it is available from 06:22 am to 08:02 pm. Metrobus 7/7A needs approximately 56 minutes to get to the NE 1 Av & 4 St bus stop, lying within an 0.8-mile (1.3km) walking distance from Miami Port. Luckily, the Metrobus vehicles are comfortable and offer free Wi-Fi. Thus, the total duration of your journey from Miami Airport to Cruise Port should be around 80 minutes.

The Metrobus ticket is 2.25$/2.10€ and is available inside the bus (in cash and via bank cards) or with an EASY Card or EASY Ticket. EASY Cards are rechargeable cards valid for 20 years, which can be used for Metrobus, Metrorail, and Tri-Rail journeys. Their price is 2$/1.87€, and you can buy them through the station’s ticket offices or automatic vendors. On the other hand, EASY Tickets don’t come with a fee but are free and valid for 60 days. You can load your EASY Ticket with a 1-day pass, a 7-day pass, or cash (up to 40$/37€). 

Our Tip: Contactless payments and EASY products allow free change of lines between Metrobus routes (within a 3-hour period of time), Metrorail, and Metromover. Hopping from a Metrobus line to an Express Bus line requires an extra 0.95$/0.89€ fee, whereas from Metrobus to Tri-Rail 0.60$/0.56€.

Miami Airport to Cruise Port by Train

train ride from Miami Airport to Cruise Port is also an option, yet not a direct one. Although cheap and fast, Metrorail requires a change to the free Miami trolley, making the entire journey a lot less convenient. If you want to travel from Miami International Airport to Cruise Port via train anyway, you should take the MIA Mover from the airport’s third floor (between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages). MIA Mover runs around the clock every 4 minutes and heads to Miami Intermodal Center, a 4-minute ride from MIA Mover Station. Once there, you’ll take the Metrorail Orange Line to Brickell Station. The Miami Airport Metrorail operates from 05:00 am to midnight every 10-15 minutes (with scarcer itineraries at night). However, on weekends, it heads to Earlington Heights Station, requiring a change to the Green Line to reach Miami Downtown. Metrorail Orange Line needs 17 minutes to reach the city center. From Brickell Station, you’ll take the free Coral Way Trolley to Port. Running from 06:30 am to 11:00 pm and from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm on Sundays, the journey with the Miami trolley to the Port should last around 10 minutes.

A one-way ticket for Miami airport Metrorail Orange Line is 2.25$/2.10€. You can purchase your tickets at the fare gates (only with contactless payment, not cash) through the Go Miami-Dade Transit app or with an EASY Card and an EASY Ticket. 

The rechargeable EASY Cards cost 2$/1.87€ and can be bought by the station’s automatic vendors and ticket offices, while EASY Tickets are free and can be topped up with a 1-day pass (5.65$/5.28€), a 7-day pass, or cash (up to 40$/37€). They are both valid for Metrorail, Metrobus, and Tri-Rail journeys. In fact, contactless payments, EASY Cards, and EASY Tickets allow free change of lines. However, hopping from Metrorail to an Express Bus costs an additional 0.95$/0.89, while traveling via Metrorail and Tri-Rail requires an extra 1.20$/1.12€ fee.

Our Tip 1: Free Wi-Fi is also provided inside the Metrorail. 

Our Tip 2: If your departing cruise terminal is A or B, you’ll have to walk from the Coral Way trolley stop to your destination. 

Car Rental from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

Miami airport car rentals are the ideal choice for travelers wishing to plan their transit itinerary on their own terms. Miami International Airport hosts plenty of car rental providers. Hence, you can come up with the right vehicle type for your needs at an affordable price.

Your journey from Miami Airport to Cruise Port with your Miami car rental should last around 15 minutes. Still, under heavy traffic, that duration can even get doubled. On the other hand, if you want to avoid this toll ride, you can settle for a longer route. However, you should take into account that your trip will last 30 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Once arriving at the Cruise Port, you’ll find 4 parking garages and numerous parking lots to leave your vehicle. Many of them provide shuttle rides to the cruise terminals as well. 

Private Airport Transfers from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

If you want to catch your ship relaxed and hassle-free, don’t overthink it! Opt for a  Miami airport transfer! In that way, you’ll have your driver waiting for you as soon as you retrieve your baggage, assist you with your personal items, and escort you to the vehicle of your preference right outside the doors. Forget all about waiting in line for an airport taxi or struggling through the complicated public transit options, and start your cruise in the most unwinding way!


How do I get from Miami Airport to cruise terminal?

Apart from the ordinary airport taxis, the handy car rentals, and the luxurious Miami airport transfers, you can opt for a bus ride from Miami Airport to Miami Cruise Port. However, an 0.8-mile (1.3km) walk from the bus stop will be required to reach your destination. Alternatively, you can use the Miami airport Metrorail and the free Miami trolley or choose a cruise shuttle ride.

Are there shuttles from Miami Airport to Port?

Besides the usual shuttle services provided from and to the airport, MIA passengers can opt for a cruise shuttle from Miami Airport to Cruise Port. Even though they are highly convenient, they are relatively expensive, as they charge per person and not per ride. 

How much is a taxi from Miami Airport to Cruise Port?

Miami airport taxis are metered. Therefore, they don’t offer set prices. Still, the usual fare for the 15-minute journey from Miami Airport to Cruise Port is 30$/28€ under normal traffic conditions. Heavy traffic, though, can raise the cost considerably.