Miami Airport (MIA)

Miami International Airport: the Busiest Airport in Florida

Miami Airport: The Leading Airport in Miami

Miami International Airport, also known as Wilcox Field or MIA Airport after its IATA code, opened its doors in 1928. Located in an unincorporated area in Miami-Dade County, it is 8 miles (13km) away from Miami’s downtown, on the city’s northwest side.

MIA Airport is one of the most important aviation hubs in the U.S. and worldwide. Welcoming millions of passengers annually, it is considered one of the busiest U.S. airports as well as the second busiest when it comes to international passenger traffic. Even though being considerably affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Miami Airport served 50.6 million passengers in 2022, long exceeding the almost 46 million passenger traffic of the pre-pandemic period (2019). In addition to its importance concerning passenger volumes, MIA plays a significant role in the country’s cargo transport. 

It is estimated that Miami Airport handles more than 1000 flights on a daily basis while serving almost 100 international destinations and 74 domestic ones. Although it is evident that it connects Miami to almost every part of the globe, it is, even more, a key hub for transfers from and to Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean.


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Airport Name: Miami International Airport



Location:  Miami-Dade County, Florida, U.S.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC -5

Airport Map: Miami Airport at Google Maps

Miami International Airport’s Layout

Miami Airport resembles a huge “U”. Consisting basically of one large terminal building, it is actually divided into 3 sub-terminals, interconnected via moving walkways. Thus, MIA Aiport has 3 terminals: the North terminal or Blue terminal, the South or Red terminal, and the Central terminal (Yellow terminal). Furthermore, the airport spreads into 6 concourses (D, E, F, G, H, and J) and has 131 gates and 10 security points, 4 of which lie in Concourse D.

Overall, the three sub-terminals are interconnected via moving walkways. Thus, walking from one terminal to the other is doable, even with heavy luggage. Still, passengers usually have to pass through security to exit their terminal. Consequently, they also have to re-check in at the destination building. Thus, in-between-terminal transfers are often tedious and time-consuming. 

MIA Airlines

It comes as no surprise that MIA Airport hosts all the major airlines, national and international. Specifically, it is one of the top three hubs for American Airlines. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of American Airlines routes from and to Latin America and the Caribbean are served by Miami International Airport. Moreover, it is regarded as an aviation hub for numerous other airlines (Atlas Air, World Atlantic Airlines, etc.) while being a focus city for Avianca, LATAM, and Frontier Airlines.

Parking Facilities

The two main parking lots serving MIA passengers’ parking needs are Dolphin Garage and Flamingo Garage. Altogether, they have a total capacity of 7500 parking spots. On the other hand, MIA Economy Park & Ride is the cheapest (and furthest from terminals) parking option, whereas the waiting area for pick-ups is the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. New car parks are expected to be added to the MIA airport’s complex. However, for the moment, parking at the airport from Thursday to Saturday can be tricky.

Transit Options

There are various transit ways to travel from Miami Airport to downtown, to other parts of the city, or even to further destinations. Verily, MIA Airport has adequate connections to Miami. Explicitly, passengers can transfer from MIA to downtown Miami via:

Services and Amenities

Passengers flying from or to Miami International Airport have access to a wide range of quality and efficient services and facilities. In detail, here are some of the most important services and amenities provided by MIA Airport:


  • Stores and Duty-free areas
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Baggage carts / Luggage wrapping / Luggage storage
  • Meeting rooms / Business facilities
  • Pharmacies /Medical services
  • Banks / ATMs / Currency exchange areas
  • Family services / Playground
  • Pet relief areas
  • Lost & Found offices
  • Yoga room
  • Chapel
  • Park
  • Lounges / Spa facilities
  • Airport hotel
  • Wi-Fi
  • Travel agencies
  • Information desks
  • Special services and amenities for passengers with disabilities

Contact Info

Official Name: Miami International Airport


Address: 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142


Phone Number: 305-876-7000



The City of Miami

When you think of Miami, the sun and sea should definitely come to mind. Verily, Miami’s beaches attract countless visitors and bring thrills to water-sport fans. Moreover, the city’s diversity can’t be left unnoted. From the everyday aspects to the cultural background of the city, Miami is like a mosaic, blending Latin America’s traditions with European, Asian, and even Middle Eastern influences. For instance, Little Havana actually radiates authentic Cuban vibes. What’s more, Miami’s shopping scene is exciting, and its nightlife is well known, while street art seems to have found a prominent home in the vibrant “Magic City”. On the other hand, the local architectural legacy leaves no traveler uninterested. Last but not least, the numerous art and musical events that take place on an everyday basis around Miami make each visit to the city an utterly different experience.


Does Miami have 2 airports?

Miami is mainly served by two airports. MIA Airport is to be found on the northwest side of the city, approximately 8 miles (13km) from the city center. On the other hand, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is also an important hub, 21 miles (33.7km) north of Miami, in Broward County. Nevertheless, the main airport in the area is Miami International Airport. 

What is Miami Airport called?

Miami International Airport is commonly known as MIA Airport after its IATA code. Its historical name, on the other hand, is Wilcox Field, as a tribute to J. Mark Wilcox, the memorable Miami congressman.

How far is Miami Airport from city?

Miami International Airport is located within an 8-mile (13km) distance from the heart of Miami city. It lies in the northwest part of the city, only a 13-minute drive from downtown.

Is Miami a big airport?

Miami Airport is a vast airport spread over 3,230 acres (1,335 hectares). Its U-shape terminal is actually divided into 3 terminal buildings (North, West, and South), which are connected to each other via moving walkways. MIA is considered to be one of the largest airports in the world and one of the busiest ones in terms of international passenger traffic.

Which airport is bigger JFK or MIA?

Although MIA Airport covers a 3,230 acres (1,335 hectares) area, JFK Airport spreads over 5,000 acres (2,023 hectares). Thus, JFK is bigger than Miami Airport.

How many terminals does MIA have?

MIA Airport has 3 terminals and 6 concourses. The South terminal, the North terminal, and the Central one form Miami Airport. The 3 terminals are interconnected and can be reached via moving walkways.

How many gates are in Miami Airport?

Besides the 3 terminals and the 6 concourses, Miami International Airport has 131 gates. In detail, concourse D has 51 gates, concourse E 18, concourse F 19 and concourse G 14. Finally, 13 gates are to be found at concourse H and 15 at concourse J.

Is 1 hour enough for connecting flights in Miami?

Miami Airport is one of the busiest U.S. airports as well as among the most bustling hubs in the world. Hence, even though one hour might be enough time to catch a domestic flight, a 2-3-hour layover would be recommended for international transit flights.

What are the transportation options from Miami Airport?

Apart from the comfortable Miami airport taxis and the lavish private airport transfers, autonomous car rentals are also available for passengers who cherish convenience and independence. As far as public transportation is concerned, MIA passengers who are in search of a cheap alternative for their transfer from Miami Airport to downtown Miami can opt for a train or bus ride.