Miami Airport Guide

All the Useful Info about Miami International Airport

General Airport Information

Miami International Airport or MIA Airport or  Wilcox Field is the main airport serving the city of Miami. Lying within an 8-mile (13km) distance from downtown, Miami Airport welcomes domestic and international flights, being among the busiest airports in the U.S.A and the world. Even though it is a key hub for flight transport to and from Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean, it serves destinations all over the globe, being among the top three hubs for American Airlines and a focus airport for LATAM, AVIANCA, and Frontier Airlines.


MIA Airport is a huge terminal building in a “U” shape. However, this building is actually divided into three parts. Hence, Miami Airport has three terminals -The North terminal, the Central terminal, and the South terminal- which are interconnected via moving walkways or bridges.


Whether you are looking for hotels near Miami Airport or decide to stay in the city center, you’ll find plenty of lodging options. In fact, MIA houses an inside-the-airport hotel, Miami International Airport Hotel, for travelers having a long layover at the airport. Nevertheless, besides MIA Hotel, various hotels lie in the airport’s nearby areas.


Miami Airport offers two main parking options to its passengers, the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages, lying right in the middle of the “U”-shaped terminal building. With valet services provided as well, a picking-up zone, and a more affordable alternative just outside the airport complex, Miami airport parking tries to catch up with the ever-growing airport’s passenger traffic. 

Layover at the Airport

Miami Airport has all the amenities and facilities to make your spare time at the airport a breeze. Thus, whether you are about to spend a few or a lot of hours at the main airport in Miami, you can relish your time spent there while benefiting from the many possible things to do near Miami Airport.